Our Story


Performance Kitchen was formed in 2020 by the merging of Luvo, a nationally distributed healthy frozen food brand, and Eat Local, a Seattle-based small-batch premium frozen food brand. Together, we are creating the next generation of frozen food, combining great taste, whole food, nutrition and convenience. Performance Kitchen meals feature 100% grass-fed beef & lamb, antibiotic-free pork and chicken, wild-caught fish, plant forward options and reduced sodium & sugar. 


Our ‘Food Is Medicine’ Approach:

Performance Kitchen’s mission is to change the way we eat by making remarkable frozen meals that are truly nutritious and taste delicious.  Performance Kitchen works with a team of chefs, doctors and registered dietitians to develop a variety of frozen ready-made entrees with real, wholesome ingredients inspired by the Mediterranean Diet. Performance Kitchen Crafted is Performance Kitchen’s premium small-batch line, featuring handcrafted frozen meals that are created by chefs and registered dietitian approved with targeted nutrition solutions for a variety of eating needs, including plant-based, keto, low FODMAP, maternity health, renal diet, nitrate-free, AIP, Whole30 and more.

Performance Kitchen’s “Food Is Medicine” approach has been recognized by Anthem who will be the first health insurance provider to offer healthy meals as a benefit for Medicare and Medicaid subscribers diagnosed with chronic conditions. Beginning in 2021, Anthem Florida will provide high-quality, nourishing Performance Kitchen meals to over 100, 000 plan participants through its Chronic Meal Benefit for over 100 diagnosis codes.  Plan participants will receive 180 meals annually through Wellness Centers and home delivery and up to 42 meals upon discharge from hospitals.

Brand Ambassadors:

We are honored work with our talented Brand Ambassadors who believe in our mission and want to help us reach as many people as possible with our nutritious and delicious solutions that can positively impact lives. Russell Wilson and Derek Jeter have been long-time supporters of our mission and they’ve been joined by others including chefs Dr. Robert Graham, Donna Moodie of Marjorie, and Edouardo Jordan of JuneBaby.  All have custom lines across a variety of eating styles and cuisines including Comfort, Indian, Thai, Southwest, Soul-Food, Cuban. Visit the Ambassadors page to learn more.

Product lines: 

Performance Kitchen and Performance Kitchen Crafted offers the broadest assortment of truly nutritious frozen meals you will find. We believe that food is medicine and hold ourselves to a higher nutrition standard than others. We don’t compromise because we don’t believe in cheating our health.

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