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Our Mission

Our mission at Performance Kitchen is to improve lives and health outcomes by making delicious and nutritious meals, easy and convenient for all. Our CEO, Christine Day, has a passion for nutrition that comes from a deeply personal place. Her family knows the devastating effects of Type 2 Diabetes firsthand. Back in 2013, she was looking for nutritious prepared meal options that would suit her mother living with diabetes. She couldn’t find options that met the dietary needs of her parents that they would want to eat. There were far too many options with high sodium, sugar and additives. After much research and label-reading, she realized that no company created food with the criteria she was after. So she joined a food company named Luvo Foods and transformed into one that could meet these needs. In 2019, we rebranded Luvo Foods to Performance Kitchen but the purpose remains the same – improve lives through nutrition.


To achieve our mission, we closely follow the work of leading experts on metabolic health and work with culinary and nutrition professionals to make meals that will positively affect the health and wellness of our customers. Our goal is to make ‘Food is Medicine’ an easy and accessible solution for everyone no matter what your unique needs.

Proudly Independent  

We are proud to be an independently owned and operated food company. We want to raise the nutritional bar in the entire industry for the food that is made convenient for you - today and tomorrow. Our mission is shared by our ownership group – Dugout Ventures. Under the leadership of Mark Walker, this group of ex-professional baseball stars chose to invest in Performance Kitchen’s mission. We are proud to include David Ortiz, Nolan Ryan, Vernon Wells, Torii Hunter and Barry Larkin as part of our ownership. These stars believe in the mission of changing lives through nutrition.

Along the way, we’ve met others that were inspired by the same mission. In 2018, we were joined by Greg and Matthew and their team at Eat Local, based in the Pacific Northwest. Together we pride ourselves on being leaders creating positive change in food and showing what the future can look like.

Brand Ambassadors

We are honored to count some of the greats as our Brand Ambassadors. They all believe in our mission and want to help us reach as many people as possible with our nutritious and delicious solutions that can positively impact lives. Russell Wilson, Derek Jeter, and Natalie Coughlin have been long time supporters of our mission and they’ve been joined by others. Visit the Ambassadors page to learn more.


Product Lines

Performance Kitchen offers the broadest assortment of truly nutritious frozen meals you will find. We believe that food is medicine and hold ourselves to a higher nutrition standard than others. We don’t compromise because we don’t believe in cheating our health.

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