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Performance Kitchen Crafted

pkc1b.pngGreg Conner & Matthew Steed
Performance Kitchen Crafted Co-Founders

Handcrafted Frozen Meals

Performance Kitchen Crafted (formerly Eat Local) was founded by Matthew Steed and Greg Conner in 2007 when they were unable to find tasty, prepared foods made with real ingredients. The first store, located in Queen Anne, Seattle, eventually grew to 6 stores located throughout the Seattle area with grocery distribution throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Performance Kitchen Crafted is our premium line of meals prepared in small batches in our micro-craft kitchen in Burien, Washington. The meals are then flash frozen to lock in all the favour and nutrition. As with everything we make, we use minimally processed clean ingredients, cook with healthy oils, and limit sodium and sugar.

Our Performance Kitchen Crafted line has over 175 different meals across a broad range of dietary needs including plant-based, keto, Mediterranean diet, Low FODmap, Maternity health, Renal diet and much more.


What’s in our Performance Kitchen Crafted Meals

  • 100% grass-fed beef & lamb, antibiotic-free pork and chicken, wild-caught fish, plant-forward options
  • Under 600mg of sodium per serving
  • Less than 4g of added sugar 
  • Whole food based 
  • Good to excellent source of protein and fiber
  • At least one serving of vegetables
  • Whole Grain Stamp approved


Chef Created and Registered Dietitian Approved

All of our recipes are carefully crafted with chefs and Registered Dietitians working together to ensure what we create are not only delicious but also meet nutritional needs of multiple diets and conditions.

Where To Buy

Our Performance Kitchen Crafted range is available throughout grocers in the United States, as well as our own Performance Kitchen Crafted stores. You can also order on our website to have us ship meals directly to your door. Wherever you need us, we’ll be there!