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Who is Performance Kitchen®?

Performance Kitchen® is providing the next generation of chronic disease management through healthy, Medically Tailored Meals, paid for by insurance and delivered directly to your home. We are focused on great taste, convenience, and nutrition through our wide variety of culturally inspired meals.


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Food is Medicine®

Our mission is to enable people to live life to the fullest through food! We’re working with various healthcare payers and providers offering to pay for meals for their members to address chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and renal disease.


What People are Saying

Kudos on creating a healthy product that tastes great!! I was so surprised with the first bite of how delicious it tasted.

- Jacqueline G.

I was pleasantly surprised at how good this frozen entrée was. Thank you for a good tasting, sustainable product I can feel good about eating!

- Cindie R.

Just wanted to give a little praise to your company! It’s so refreshing to find frozen meals that are actually tasty and not full of junk!

- Rachel F.


Medicaid and Medicare Advantage health insurance plans cover the cost of Medically Tailored Meals for eligible individuals.

Our nutritionally balanced meals are developed through collaborations between Registered Dietitians and Chefs, then prescribed by Doctors. We stand out from the rest by offering 70+ recipes inspired by cultures across the globe.

Medically Tailored Meals (MTMs) are recommended by a Registered Dietitian and approved by a healthcare provider to address a specific medical diagnosis, symptom, or allergy. They are intended to either help manage a chronic condition, or are delivered as nutrition support immediately after hospitalization. Medically Tailored Meals are designed to follow dietary guidelines derived from current, empirical nutrition research. Performance Kitchen Medically Tailored Meals feature high quality protein, a variety of vegetables and grains, along with 3g added sugar and 590mg sodium.

When and how often meals are delivered will vary by health plan. Some programs continue long-term, while others have a clear start and end date.

If you don’t qualify, don’t worry! We’ll update you when a benefit is found in your area that you qualify for. In the meantime, you can still order Performance Kitchen Medically Tailored Meals to be delivered directly to your home.