Cancer Support Meal Delivery

For those undergoing cancer treatment or living with cancer, it’s crucial to maintain a nutritious and adequate diet. Doing so can help people feel better and stronger by helping them to maintain a healthy body weight. With many forms of cancer, it’s crucial to get enough protein, calories, vitamins, and minerals to prevent malnutrition. If someone with cancer becomes malnourished, it can make them feel worse and may delay or interfere with treatment. Malnourishment can also increase the risk of infections and other complications.

Given how important nutrition is when being treated for cancer, we’ve put together a bundle that may be helpful for those without the time or energy to prep and cook nutritious meals. Our ready-to-heat entrees are filled with nutritious ingredients, including an abundance of protein, heart-healthy olive or avocado oil, energizing whole-grains, and hearty portions of vegetables all chosen to help provide important vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

People should speak with their healthcare provider about any side effects they are experiencing so that they can get advice about how to manage them. Meanwhile, these pointers might be helpful when dealing with the side effects of treatment:

  • Eat a high-protein meal when feeling hungriest. This might be an ideal time to heat up a Performance Kitchen meal since they’re an excellent source of protein.
  • Prepare or enjoy foods that smell good! The aroma of a meal can help increase appetite.
  • Keep some nutritious foods handy to consume when hungry or feeling low-energy. Since Performance Kitchen meals are fully cooked and only require reheating, they could be perfect for this.
  • For those not feeling well enough to consume a full meal, protein shakes and smoothies can help provide nutrition. Keeping food nearby and available can be very useful.
  • For those experiencing nausea, avoid aromatic foods which have strong odors, and eat in a well-ventilated area that doesn’t have any lingering scents of cooking.

Bear in mind that everyone’s experience with treatment will be different, and it’s best to seek advice direct from a healthcare provider when dealing with difficult symptoms.

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