Dairy Free Meal DeliveryA dairy-free diet excludes all sources of dairy, including yogurt, cheese, butter, ice cream, sour cream, ice cream, dairy-containing baked goods, and any foods made with dairy-containing ingredients. Some people reduce or eliminate dairy along with meat in an effort to lessen their environmental impact. Others do so for medical reasons, such as a milk protein allergy. In addition, lactose, the natural sugar in dairy foods, is a common trigger of digestive upset, so reducing or eliminating dairy foods can bring some relief to those who react to this substance.

Dairy foods are rich in calcium and vitamin D, and they’re a source of protein in our diets. So, if you’re going exclusively dairy free, you’ll need to work these nutrients into your diet in other ways. Our dairy-free meals provide numerous nutrients, including some calcium. The meals in our dairy-free bundle range from 10 grams of protein at the low end to over 20 grams at the high end. For context, a glass of milk has 8 grams of protein.

Dairy foods can add a rich, creamy texture to dishes, but we use dairy-free ingredients to mimic this luscious mouthfeel. For example, naturally dairy-free foods like avocados, coconut milk, and potatoes are used in our dairy-free meals to create that velvety consistency. With our dairy-free bundle, you can skip the dairy without skimping on the flavor!

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