You May Qualify for FREE Medically Tailored Meals


At Performance Kitchen®, we believe that Food Is Medicine™. We are committed to providing delicious, healthy meals to all members who qualify for the Medically Tailored Meal Benefit. We’re proud to participate in this program, which is offered by our various insurance partners. We take pride in delivering culturally diverse & Registered Dietitian approved meals to your door to support you on your wellness journey.

It's an easy 2-step process to check your eligibility for this program and enroll:

Step 1: Please make sure you have your health insurance card handy. Press the 'SEE IF YOU ARE ELIGIBLE' button above and enter your Health Plan ID and Member ID and proceed through the process until you see your eligibility status message.

Step 2: If you are eligible a Performance Kitchen representative will contact you within 48 hours to set-up your first meal delivery. If you are not eligible, please contact your insurance company or case manager and ask if they plan to offer this benefit. They can contact us at to get started.

*See examples of the most common health insurance provider cards below.

For more details on the Medically Tailored Meal Benefit and the enrollment process, please visit our FAQ page.