Immunity Boost Meal Delivery

Our immune system is like a specialized army that rushes in to defend us against an attack, be it from a virus, bacteria, or other invader. This army needs the right equipment to operate effectively, and that’s where a nutritious diet comes into play. Many key nutrients from whole foods, such as vitamin C, zinc, and various plant-based antioxidants called polyphenols each help supply the immune system with the building blocks it needs to mount a defense.

Fruits and vegetables provide many of the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that our immune system needs to operate properly, which is why our average meal contains just over two full servings. 

Fiber is another nutrient found in fruits and vegetables, and it helps feed the bacteria in our gut, where about three-quarters of our immune system cells originate. With fiber being so crucial for a healthy and balanced microbiome, it’s important to know that the average Performance Kitchen® meal contains 6.5 grams of fiber, which the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) would qualify as an excellent source.

In addition to fiber, whole grains offer nutrients like selenium, magnesium, and iron, which also play a role in immune function. Because of this, our dishes also emphasize whole grains, like the brown rice in  our Citrus Chicken with Kale, Bell Peppers & Olives, and the stone-ground corn tortillas in our Chicken Enchilada Stack.

This bundle is designed for anyone looking for balanced meals that provide a wide spectrum of nutrients utilized by our body’s immune system. Enjoy these entrees as part of a well-rounded stay-healthy toolkit that also incorporates other preventive measures such as exercising regularly and getting enough sleep.

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