Our Nutrition PromiseWe’re dedicated to putting everything you need to be your best self in Performance Kitchen™ and Performance Kitchen Crafted™ frozen meals—whole grains, vegetables, beans, seeds, nuts, healthy fats, and whole food protein.  We rely on premium herbs and spices for flavor, so we can control our use of added sugar and sodium. Created by chefs, and approved by dietitians, every meal offers a good to excellent source of protein and fiber.

Convenience Shouldn’t Cost You Your Health

In the Standard American Diet (“SAD”) an estimated 90% of Americans eat more sodium than recommended and eat less than the recommended amounts of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and healthy fats. When we develop recipes and products, our chefs, doctors, and Registered Dietitians look to the acclaimed Mediterranean diet for guidance and inspiration. U.S. News recently ranked the Mediterranean diet as the easiest regimen to follow, nutritious, effective for weight loss, and preventative for diabetes and heart disease. Read Why We’re Inspired by the Mediterranean Diet.

Making Balanced Nutrition a Delicious, Easy Choice

Controlled Sodium and Sugar

Our priority is controlling added sugar and sodium. Consuming too much of either can lead to high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and unintentional weight gain—all of which can have a serious impact on your long-term health. The majority of our 150+ meals have less than 4g of added sugar, and under 500mg of sodium. Instead, we focus on using premium herbs, spices, and healthy fats for flavor.

Full Servings of Vegetables

Our meals include a variety of vegetables, from leafy greens to root vegetables, all picked at peak ripeness, and flash-frozen to lock in micronutrients, flavor, and texture.

Cooked in Avocado Oil

We cook our meals in avocado oil, a nutrient-dense oil with omega-3 fatty acids and a high smoke point.

Source of Protein, Whole Grains, and Fiber

Each meal provides a good to excellent source of protein, whole grains, and fiber. The protein in our meals comes from either whole plants; antibiotic-free, humane chicken and lamb; natural pork; wild-caught fish; or 100% grass-fed beef. Many meals carry the Whole Grain Stamp, to help you easily identify which meals have at least 8g of whole grains. Fiber content comes from assorted vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, and whole grains.

No Artificial Colors, Flavors, or Sweeteners

We never add artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners to our meals. Ever.

Eating Approaches

Our Registered Dietitians have created a Nutrition Guide explaining popular diets and eating approaches. These include Keto, Mediterranean, Vegan, Whole 30, and more. Here we explain the objectives of various diets, who they may be suited for, what benefits they are designed to offer, and which of our meals fit within these plans.