Baze Food Is Medicine Challenge - Performance Kitchen

We are excited to announce the results from our Food Is Medicine Challenge Project in partnership with Baze. Our candidates, Karolina and Frankie, embarked on a 9-week journey to improved health through nutrition from October to December 2020. 

Our goal for the FIM Challenge is to enable people to achieve their best health through a science-led, results-driven food and supplement platform. We strive to make ‘Food is Medicine’ an easy and accessible solution for everyone no matter what your unique needs.

How Did It Start?

Karolina and Frankie were both provided with a personalized Baze supplement program and a Performance Kitchen Meal Plan, created by our Registered Dietitians. They have weekly check-ins with our Registered Dietitians to check their progress and motivate them to reach their goals.

Get to Know Karolina:

Karolina’s main goals for the FIM Challenge are to build heathy habits and have improved and sustained energy levels. She typically follows a Whole30 or Mediterranean style eating pattern and works out 2x/week at home.

Karolina Before the FIM Challenge:

 Performance Kitchen Crafted

Karolina’s Progress During the FIM Challenge:

Week 1: Karolina’s Feedback on Baze and Performance Kitchen

"I loved the Baze supplement packaging, it was cute and easy. The packaging is very useful because I can organize it in just one place!"

"I am pleasantly surprised about the Performance Kitchen meals! I've had some of the new JuneBaby dishes and I'm not usually the biggest lover of southern cuisine, but I really enjoyed the Louisiana Style Black-eyed Peas with Sausage. Another favorite so far was the Yellow Vegetable Curry."

Week 3: Registered Dietitian Check-in

Karolina has been doing very well. She is taking her supplements as recommended and finds it easy to fit into her routine. She is also on track with all her meals, getting all her nutrients quickly and conveniently which fits into her busy lifestyle.

Week 6 & 7: Karolina’s Feedback on Baze and Performance Kitchen

"I really loved the Mighty Masala & Greens, it's got great flavor and texture, I felt very full from it as well. I also really enjoy the wildflour baguettes! My other favorites are the Thai-Style Green Curry and Orange Mango Chicken. I've been very busy lately and have enjoyed the easiness of my Performance Kitchen meals."

Week 8: Registered Dietitian Check-In

Overall, Karolina thinks this process has been seamless! She believes having prepared meals in the freezer has decreased her feelings of stress around food and found it a huge time saver. She  feels like she is eating more variety and a wider range of nutrients by eating a variety of different meals throughout the week. She is considering purchasing lunches for the week on Sunday night for quick and easy lunch at work. She is loving the convenience of the Baze supplements and is considering signing up for the subscription after her FIM Challenge has ended.

Week 9: Karolina’s Final Results & Follow-Up

“I reached my goal of building healthy habits throughout the journey and have improved, as well as sustained, energy levels throughout the day. The Performance Kitchen meals saved me so much time, and I loved that I never had to think about grocery shopping or meal prep. The combination of convenience and knowing I was getting the right nutrients to fuel me is great. I will continue to have Performance Kitchen meals in my freezer and keep up with my supplement routine from Baze.”


Karolina After the FIM Challenge:

  • Sleep Quality: I find it easier to get to bed
  • Energy Levels: I have more energy, and no more afternoon crashes
  • Stress: I have reduced stress around meal planning
  • Hunger: I’m learning to listen to my hunger cues

Get to Know Frankie:

Frankie’s main goals for the FIM Challenge are to feel healthier and increase his wellbeing. He has no specific dietary needs, loves a variety of foods and is working out 6s/week at F45.

Frankie Before the FIM Challenge:


Frankie’s Progress During the FIM Challenge:

Week 1: Frankie’s Feedback on Baze and Performance Kitchen

“I feel different in just one week of the Performance Kitchen meals and Baze supplements. I can’t believe I had no headaches - which I usually get at least 5 times a week. I feel less foggy, lighter, and more energetic.”.

Week 3: Registered Dietitian Check-In

Frankie has been disappointed with new lockdown restrictions which has stopped him going to his usual gym, but he’s happy to have healthy pre-made meals. Despite the lockdown setback for exercise, Frankie is still on track to meet nutrition goals and is maintaining his steady weight loss.

Week 6: Frankie’s Feedback on Baze and Performance Kitchen

“I have so many favorite meals which helps me keep on track! I’m enjoying the variety in the Cuban dishes, Southwest dishes, Beef Lasagna and Meatballs.”

“I’m curious to see if with an improved diet and regular supplement intake if my Baze numbers improve.”

Week 8: Registered Dietitian Check-In

Frankie is continuing to take his Baze supplements but may miss a day or two. He’s continuing to stay active and is giving running a try, even though it’s not his favorite activity. Prior to starting the FIM Challenge, he would sometimes experience nausea upon waking, but the Performance Kitchen meals and Baze supplements seem to be helping. He’s also experiencing a decrease in frequency and intensity of his headaches.

Week 9: Frankie’s Final Results & Follow-Up

“I couldn’t be happy with my results, both physically and mentally. This FIM Challenge came at the right time and helped inspire me to start living a healthier life. It’s not about excluding food it’s about adding. I now add more vegetables into my normal diet and feel more energized after meals. I’m excited and motivated to continue with my weight loss and wellness journey. I plan to continue my supplements plan from Baze and have my favorite Performance Kitchen meals in my freezer.”


Frankie After the FIM Challenge:

  • Sleep Quality: I’m not exhausted when wake up
  • Energy Levels: I have so much more energy – it’s a HUGE difference, I do not feel ‘heavy’ after eating meals and I never feel too tired
  • Stress: I have less anxiety, which makes less stress
  • Pain: Reduced headaches, now only once a week
  • Hunger: I feel satiated after eating

We are so proud of both candidates for their continued dedication to living a healthier lifestyle. With only a few small daily habit shifts, they have improved their physical health and overall state of wellness. If you or someone you know would benefit from participating in a similar challenge, contact us at info@performance or sign up for a free nutrition consultation.