How to Clean Your Freezer - Performance Kitchen

Where would modern civilization be without the ability to preserve food in the freezer for later? We’d probably have a lot less money and a lot less deliciousness in our lives. Oh, and lukewarm drinks… blech! Anyway, here’s how to take good care of your freezer so it keeps your frozen food fresher, longer.

Turn it off! 

Turn off your freezer before you clean it or your cleaning solution will just freeze on contact and that won’t be very effective, will it? Your hands might also get a little chilly.

Remove food and ice and place in a cooler

Self explanatory!

Remove any detachable shelving and let it come to room temperature

It’s important to let the shelving warm up before you wipe it down or it could crack due to the temperature difference. In the meantime… 

Mix your cleaning solution

Just like when you’re cleaning your refrigerator, avoid using heavily scented cleaning products or harsh chemicals that can transfer to your food. When it comes to cleaning your freezer, natural is best! A simple cleaning solution of equal parts hot water and vinegar does the trick.

Get cleaning! 

Spray the inside of the freezer with the cleaning solution and wipe clean. Repeat as necessary, and use a scrubber or toothbrush for stubborn dirt. Be sure to thoroughly dry the inside once you are finished cleaning to avoid any unwanted vinegar icicles.

Once the shelves you have removed come to room temperature, clean them with unscented dish soap and warm water. Scented dish soap can leave behind smells that can absorb into your food and make it taste weird, so it’s best to avoid it. Dry shelves thoroughly before returning them to the freezer.

Put food back into the freezer and start fresh! 

Now is a great time to throw out anything that’s been in your freezer for too long. How long do things last in the freezer? It’s also the perfect opportunity to organize your freezer for success. 

When is the last time you cleaned your freezer? Share your freezer cleaning tips in the comments below.