How to help my elderly parents eat better

Make eating delicious and nutritious food easy.

Who doesn’t love a home-cooked meal? Home cooked meals and fresh, healthy snacks are delicious and way more nutritious than convenience foods. But, the hassles (meal planning, shopping, chopping, washing dishes) can be a barrier.

Here are some great resources to make eating healthy, whole foods easy.

Get your groceries delivered, there are multiple resources now where you can get your food readily available and delivered to your home.

Try for premade meals, meals to go and order frozen meals. Frozen meals from Performance Kitchen tend to serve one, easily pop them in the microwave and in five minutes it’s on your plate. Treat yourself to meal deliveries and or higher someone I can help with meal prep.

Nostalgic foods they’ll love to eat. 

Prepare foods that bring them back to yesteryear. I know firsthand, that as you get older people want to eat foods that are comforting, “Foods That Remind You of Your Childhood.”

For example, I remember my mom and I splitting a grapefruit with a little bit of sugar on top for breakfast or helping her tear up some boiled chicken for her magical chicken noodle soup. Honor the power of food, and the effect it has on all of us, in ways beyond just delicious flavor.

Add the most important ingredient: other people.

Loneliness and social isolation are a significant cause of depression. Loss of appetite due to depression is very common in the elderly. Even seniors who aren’t depressed often eat less (or less healthy) when alone.

Food is more than just medicine, it’s love, it’s fuel and it has emotional connotations. Sharing a meal makes it taste better.


This article has been reviewed by a Medical Doctor, Dr. Robert Graham, for additional accuracy. 

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